Sunday, 21 February 2010

What M.E. feels like.

Ian Logan (chairman of Worcestershire ME Support Group): “Even thinking makes the brain hurt. It fogs over. You don’t know where to lie in bed. Your arms ache. Your head aches. An overcoat feels too heavy to wear, like a hundredweight. Your shoes feel like leaden boots. It’s like walking in mud, like trying to walk across a ploughed field or writing left-handed when you’re right-handed. The whole of your body feels as awkward as that.”

I don't usually write about my health on here - after all, that's part of what this blog is for, ever since an unusually sensible attempt to divide and conquer on my part. But this was too good an expanation of how I feel today to miss.


  1. It's kinda late, but *hugs*. Lots of them!

  2. Ah Floot, that sounds horrendous. Do you still have ME? Do you ever get rid of it? How do you cope? And you still do all that writing. And with a baby too ... Look after yourself, ok?