Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Note to self: Learn how to use blog

I thought I was clueless enough when it came to Wordpress - seriously, I thought I was fairly technosavvy till I started using that thing. Great for blog entries, not so helpful for telling me how to get an email when someone posts to a blog. Or maybe I am just stupid...

Anyway, so yeah - me, Wordpress, we're getting acquainted.

Blogger?* I can't even work out how to post a comment, and only noticed today that I have two myself. I mean, sorry, how lame is that?!

Just occassionally I press the right button and lo! a comment happens. But not today.

In fairness, it is gone 1.30am here. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow.

Thank you to my commenters, your encouragement on my first (and thus far only, though I WILL do more) 3am challenge is much appreciated. As and when I can return the favour...

* or is it blogspot? See, I don't even know that - the url is different here than on my actual blog.

Hopeless, truly hopeless!


  1. Hm...I'd say, as you click on random things, be conscious of what you're clicking on and what happens after. That's how I learned.

    Do not use my Mortal Kombat loosing method in which I randomly slam my fist on then controller and sparks and fireballs and frogs fly out of my hands and knock over my opponent, then the other player kills me because out of my sheer joy, I take my hands off the controller and the killer frogs seize their attack.

    Also, figure things out soon, we need your kind out there, fighting the good fight.

  2. Bizarrely, though happily, my browser has recently started letting me post comments. I have no idea what changed. Maybe it was the possibility of the Mortal Kombat method of comment posting that frightened my computer into submission...?