Monday, 8 February 2010

On finishing

Gah. I have a self imposed deadline for my NaNo novel today. I have two eager readers waiting to dip in to it. I know I'm not going to come close to filling all the plots holes and such. Help!

I'm enjoying it(!) so much that at the moment I am working on this particularly evil 3am challenge instead.

I have 81,359 words as of 3pm. It'll be interesting to see if that rises, falls or stays the same, and how much of the 11K notes file actually become scenes or parts of scenes.

I have a feeling that when I finally fill in all the gaps and stuff it's going to be long and I'm going to have to be brave and do some serious pruning.

Oh well!

On the plus side, my carrot is that I have the latest version of a NaNo novel I've been wanting to read since November on my harddrive. It'll be my reward for fruitful(!) toil...

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